Creating Old Style Navajo Jewelry

Kelly Morgan is a sixth-generation Navajo silversmith and is the son of famed Navajo silversmith Harry Morgan. The family’s time honored customs have been passed down from generation to generation, building on the past while incorporating innovative custom design with each original piece. You will enjoy the wonderful selection of fine silver and turquoise jewelry, each handmade with sterling silver and quality natural stones; all are handmade in a classic style that is timeless and will always appreciate in value. These lasting exquisite silver and turquoise works of beauty are cherished and even passed down to the next generation as an heirloom. Delight in owning some of the finest traditional handmade silver and turquoise jewelry available anywhere today.

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Bahti Indian Arts

Kelly’s jewelry also sold here.

Our Clients Speak Volumes About Us

“I love the old Style Navajo Traditional jewelry. For many years Kelly Morgan has crafted jewelry. He was taught by his late father Harry Morgan who came from generations of Silversmiths.”

- Rita Capitan

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